株式会社フジタ医科器械 Fujita Medical Instruments
ZIPCODE 113-0033
Tel +81-3-3815-8820
Fax  +81-3-3815-7620
●Class 1 - 4 Medical equipment and instruments manufactureing license
●Class 1 - 4 Medical equipment and instruments sales license
●Pharmaceutical sales license
●Deleterious and poisionous substances sales license
●Medical eqipment and instruments for use on animals sales license 


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About us

About us
Fujita Medical Instruments is a surgical and neurological medical instruments manufacturer, as well as a distributer of various medical products established in 1972. Thanks to our long expertise and ingenuity within the field, our high-quality instruments are used all over Japan in various well-established hospitals and universities. 
The bulk of our ever-expanding catalog consists of neurological surgical instruments. Our other equipment consist of, a non-invasive local saturation monitor (TOS) and a highly portable vital signs monitor. TOS can, whereas many other devices’ lowest measuring point is 40%, can measure the oxygen saturation in blood as low as 0%. The portable vital signs monitor is a fully working vital signs monitor that is small and portable enough to fit nicely in a space small as a handbag. Naturally, we also help with installation and servicing of these products.  
A list of a few of our clients:
Tokyo University Hospital, Juntendo University Hospital, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Toramon Hospital, Tokyo Jikei University Hospital, Nihon University Hospital, Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health, Medicine and Mitsui Memorial Hospital. 
Our certifications: (since 2003) ISO13485 
Our licenses: 
●Class 1 - 4 Medical instruments and equipment manufacturing license
●Class 1 - 4 Medical instruments and equipment sales license
●Pharmaceutical sales license
●Poisonous and deleterious substances sales license
●Medical equipment and instruments for use on animals sales license
At Fujita Medical Instruments, we want to deliver a high-quality product that can help save lives.
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